That Didn’t Work So Well

As I said last night, I doubled up on my sleep med so I could just be out of it for a while. It backfired on me. Apparently when you do that it has two real effects…

  1. I became incredibly groggy to the point I could literally not even move
  2. I had such increased anxiety, sleep was impossible, I was fidgeting like a boss!

I think that by the time it hit 10 or so I finally achieved sleep. I awoke around 7:30 and still groggy with a heavy fog in my brain.

Alrighty then, I wont be attempting that again in the near future.

There must be a secret for the disconnect that is actually revitalizing, I don’t know, maybe not.

So today I have a full agenda, lots of calls to make. Schedule a colonoscopy screening, Audiologist for ringing in my ears, set up an initial appointment with my third therapist, contact the orthopedic surgeon for a followup for trigger finger, and my PCP for thyroid med adjustment that is out of whack.

Fun day, I hope yours is as well.


  1. For a long time I struggled with not being able to shut down in order to find sleep. A lot of it was because of drug addiction. Mind you I am 4 and a half years clean now. When coming off the drugs I experienced an anxiety so overwhelming I hardly ever slept. I had to learn how to talk myself down from the peak. I had to literally refuse to let me mind think of anything other than sleep. It’s a mental game we play with ourselves. The mind is such a powerful thing and some times you have to talk it into shutting down. Kind of like refusing to listen to yourself if that makes any sense


    1. Excellent observations! And of course experience is the best teacher! I am proud of you being 4 1/2 years clean!!! A tremendous accomplishment!

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