Justifying Mental Disease

I am getting weary of having to explain over and over what I am going through. I really just need a permanent resolution. Any kind of permanent resolution.

I can’t do this. It is not enough I cannot function, they want me to hyper function. I struggle with having enough purpose to live and they’re wanting a pile of paperwork for every little thing.

If this is a portence of the remainder of my days, no thanks.

Will I just have to go broke and live in abject poverty? Why compensate someone who won’t return to work? My options are growing more and more limited.

Tell me why I must live because I am running out of reasons to care.


  1. I feel your pain even through your writing.
    It is a constant battle for most suffering with mental issues.
    All I can offer is try to hold on. There are people in your life who really do care about you.


    1. Thanks, there are people in my life who care. However, the exhaustion mentally, physically and emotionally never abates. This is why every now and then I am so weak I don’t want to live. All the love in the world can’t fix that.


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