A Series of Unrelated Thoughts-my Apologies in Advance!

I find myself in my woe-is-me life thinking someone will somehow help me through this mental breakdown, that they will hold my hand and hear me out and try to understand. Probably not.

Mankind is an uncaring, murderous, psychopathic, selfish, unrepentant species.

I just finished the series by Ken Burns called The War. What a horrific chain of events led to the callous killing of millions of people. So much suffering and hatred all in the name of domination. Essentially, that’s every one of us on a daily basis though we for the most part aren’t bent on anything more than dominating our own personal world. Competition for literally everything has made us self-centered lacking in empathy and egotistical. Once again…

Mankind is an uncaring, murderous, psychopathic, selfish, unrepentant species.

Another story has been released this week about wholesale sexual abuse of children encompassing many years. Once again, no one noticed….because no one cared.

Outrage after the fact is nothing but a show and it stinks in my nostrils.

I stopped in my place because I can no longer stomach life. I couldn’t act and pretend to be okay anymore. It all became unbearable and everything came to a crashing halt all at once. Mental illness is no joke, and the symptoms I exhibit are bipolar depression, PTSD and  anxiety disorder. They are all real and debilitating individually if not as an entire group. Some are genetically oriented while others are through terrible experiences.  I own this.

Okay, enough of what you’ll undoubtedly perceive as a self-pity rant. Better step away from the microphone. Goodnight now!


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