A Story of Truth There once was a boy, innocent and pure, unworried about the path that was before him. He had no idea of what real pain was, of what true fear and terror could be. He walked free without a care, for what could possibly remove him from the protection of his mother […]

Wrapping Up

Tomorrow will be my 6th day in partial hospitalization, it will also be my last one, for this stint. The structure has helped, hearing the troubles of others has too. Group discussions have created a sense of purpose by opening up to one another. We are helping each other. There is more help among the […]

My Recent Posts

I have been relaying several stories about abuse, rape, pornography, etc. I believe it’s important to call attention to stories impacting our culture in this way. It’s often a here today gone tomorrow headline, but we need to pay attention to these trends that are unfolding and becoming more frequent. It IS a commentary on […]