City of Hope (Official Lyric Video) // Brave New World // Amanda Cook Bethel Music

  I am trying to get there, I feel this song should move me and give some hope. Maybe it is yet to come… CITY OF HOPE Once we were a barren land Dry from disappointment But Heaven, like a heavy rain Revealed Your heart for us Now we’re dusting off our instruments In You […]

The Voyage (Official Lyric Video) // Brave New World // Amanda Cook

The Voyage Amanda Cook Speak, even if your voice is trembling Please, you’ve been quiet for so long Believe, it’ll be worth the risk you’re taking You’re afraid, but you can hear adventure calling There’s a rush of adrenaline to your bones What you make of this moment changes everything What if the path you […]

Pieces (Official Lyric Video) // Brave New World // Amanda Cook

Pieces Amanda Cook Unreserved, unrestrained Your love is wild Your love is wild for me It isn’t shy, it’s unashamed Your love is proud To be seen with me You don’t give Your heart in pieces You don’t hide Yourself to tease us Uncontrolled, uncontained Your love is a fire Burning bright for me It’s […]