Cadet’s rape conviction reversal panned by victim advocates

“The judges said their doubt about whether the woman was raped was increased because Whisenhunt hadn’t threatened the woman or taken steps to silence her, “such as covering her mouth to prevent an outcry.” They said they considered a rape unlikely because Whisenhunt knew the woman could identify him, yet had acted in seeming confidence […]

Navy Submarine Sailors Kept ‘Rape’ Lists Of Female Colleagues, Military Probe Finds

Servicemen on the second submarine in the U.S. Navy to integrate female officers and sailors with its male crew kept ranked “rape lists” of the women, triggering fears for their safety, a military investigation found. The lists were shared on the USS Florida, a guided-missile submarine, where investigators found that “lewd and sexist comments and […]

Portrait of a paedophile: UK’s most prolific paedophile convicted

This is the story of a pedophile who groomed and abused children from 6 months old to 12 years of age. He worked in Churches, orphanages and tutoring in Malaysia. Make no mistake, this happens right here too. Notice that in every place he was involved, leadership says he didn’t do it there! Typical. We […]

Pornography and its Devastation-Two Former Porn Star’s share their Stories (video)

I thought these two short video’s would provide us a look into a world that we haven’t truly acknowledged.  Maybe this enlightenment will be part of the reason we continue to work to eradicate porn from our lives. May the Holy Spirit help us to be strong and overcome in a world that continually attempts to deceive […]