Jessica’s Tree…A Story of Suicide, a Story of Hope

If someone you care about struggles with mental illness and/or is suicidal, have the courage to spend 45 minutes that could very well help save someones life. Film-maker Jazz Thornton recounts the last 24 hours of Jessica’s life, speaking to those close to her to understand what her passing can teach us about suicide. Change […]

Michael Jackson in the Spotlight Again

Michael Jackson. Legendary Icon of the entertainment industry, beloved the world over, soft-spoken, demanding perfection, success beyond most humans in the history of mankind. He endured difficult times, his childhood, accusations and personal judgements throughout his career. An amazing talent is an understatement, he was the G.O.A.T that was gone all too soon. Now comes […]

Social media responsibility in the current sexual harassment climate

I am not on any social media platforms, I merely glean from an external perspective and test the temperature of what is being commented upon. There is plenty of information published that makes the opinions of the general public known to all. It is in this that I am compelled to plead with those who […]